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I just adore Austria. I just wish I spoke German, because I feel like I'm missing such a lot. (And it's making the German keyboard on this computer even more difficult than it would otherwise be, because... man. All the letters are in the wrong place! The French one wasn't nearly so bad.)

We've been staying in Salzburg, or rather, Grödig, which is a little village that's still only a fifteen minute drive from the Altstadt. It was a grey day when we left Vienna, and the drive from Vienna to Salzburg was rather grey and wet, so we spent the afternoon wandering around the old town, and across to the Mirabell and its gardens, where the flowers are already starting to bloom. The Ostermarkts there were beautiful -- somehow a little less commercial than even the Viennese version -- and my cousin tells me that their Christkidndlmarkts are her favourite in the world, better even than Vienna's.

I adore Salzburg, and its shops and its gardens and its architecture. We did the Sound of Music tour yesterday (shut up) which was completely hilarious, but also took us to places like the Wolfgangsee and the Mondsee that we wouldn't otherwise have seen, as well as some of the Salzburg places.

It's underlined what I best love about Austria -- that the cities are all about their people, not their cars. The pedestrian streets of Vienna and Salzburg, in particular, are just fantastically wonderful. I haven't met one person who hasn't been really lovely, the food is fantastic, and the scenery and air just breathtaking.

On Saturday we went to Innsbruck by way of a detour through Waidring, where we have distant relations. We took the chairlift up the mountain had had a morning weiß beer at the top of the mountain in 20-degree weather, but with powdery snow still all around us, with a view of Kitzbühel and other similar mountains from our own mountaintop. My sort-of-cousin Ramon has promised to teach me to ski properly next winter, so there may be hope for me yet.

The Inn was green with the melted snow as we drove alongside it, even more than the Salzach has been -- I imagine because the snow in Tirol has only just melted. The motorway runs between dozens of tiny villages that seem to have just jumped out from between the pages of storybooks, and we have taken far too many photos.

Those who don't know where the Tiernsee or Briesau are should feel free to skim the next paragraph, because WE ALSO WENT TO PERTISAU-AM-ACHENSEE. Fangirlish moments abounded. We all agreed that it is, indeed, the most beautiful of the Tirolean lakes we have yet seen. The Maurach end of the lake was still frozen, but it was sparkling and clear around Buchau and Pertisau, which is utterly glorious and just like it's described. The village itself lies in a bit of a hollow, so there was lots of snow still on the ground, even though we were able to sit outside on a balcony for lunch on the other side of the lake, just up from Buchau, looking over the little whitewashed church and the slightly updated landing-stage. The air is clean and pure and still, and, interestingly from mz point of view, half the signs say 'Tirol' and the other half 'Tyrol'. I'll post pictures for all as soon as I reach London.

Today, I'm in Halfing, which is not far from Rosenheim, at the home of yet another sort-of-cousin. Boozy authentic Bavarian evening is planned for tonight, and then tomorrow we go to Tübingen, and then to Bonn, where I depart on Thursday morning for LONDON.

In other news, I got the Scottish job. Now I just don't know what to do about it.

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Hoorah for your job offer!


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