Feb. 25th, 2005

wonderlanded: (euphoric syd)
I wonder why all my epiphanies take a really, really shallow form?

I have just had the best haircut of my life. The whole experience was good. The head massage was good, the shampoo smelled lovely, the pretty smelly stuff she used in my hair smells of vanilla and other nice things, she suggested products but didn't push them, she listened and showed me all kinds of tips and tricks, they gave me a glass of champagne and to top it all of the cut is AWESOME.

Now I just have to seriously juggle my finances, because I NEED to buy a GHD ceramic hair straightener. Seriously, that little thing is just awesome. I have thick, coarse, curly hair and right now? My hair is Gwyneth Paltrow's, ONLY PRETTIER.

They're expensive, yes. But they curl, so I can leave my two curling irons behind. And I won't need to invest in an amazingly powerful UK hair dryer like I was going to do, because the mid-range ones just don't cut it with my hair.

So, epiphany. Best hair of life. Champagne. Lip gloss at secret squirrel 20% off. And it was my absolute favourite lip gloss, too, the Aveda Aramanth one, which looks gorgeous and feels lovely and smells of berries.

And do you know what? The haircut wasn't even that expensive.


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